Helping you find more purpose, joy and freedom.

I’m Kelly and I help creative, big-thinkers to see beyond fear, doubt and conditioning to be unapologetically true to their purpose.

Live this lifetime

  • Focus on what really matters to you
  • Celebrate your uniqueness and what sets you apart
  • Overcome outdated beliefs, fears and expectation
  • Create an empowered strategy for change that starts right away

Let’s Connect

Try-before-you-buy with a powerful 30 min connection session to explore how coaching could help you.

Mindset Coaching Packages

We’ll work together to design and evolve an approach that fits, starting with these evidence-based models for cultivating change.


This is a deep-dive into your values, your purpose and your energisers. Remember your reasons and your motivators to help bring a new vision to life and work out what needs to change to get you there.

Two high-energy focused 90-minute life coaching sessions to take place within three weeks of one another. You’ll get your values, vision and mission ‘on a page’ to keep forever.

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Goal-focused coaching

You know where you want to get to and you need support to keep you focused, these sessions will give you the structure and space you need to make the changes you need to make.

Five 55-minute life coaching sessions that can be used over a period of 3-9 months. Includes weekly energisers and unlimited check-ins.

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Reflective Growth Journey

Recommended for anyone that is serious about changing for the better. If you’re after profound, lasting, change that will have you digging deep and bravely challenging yourself on your beliefs and behaviours. Starting with a deep-dive discovery and then heading into mindfulness-based coaching to guide dreams to reality.

Discovery Sessions followed by five 55-minute coaching sessions that can be used over a period of 12-15 months.

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Individual Coaching Sessions

Individual sessions for people who have already had coaching and you want to benefit from a focused pay-as-you-go check-in.

Pay as you go 55-minute mindset coaching sessions .

Cost: £110 per session


Kelly helped me work through a lot of old patterns of thinking, and find new ways to approach new career opportunities. I was carrying around baggage from some rather negative past work experiences, and working with Kelly helped me make sense of them so I could let them go and move forward. I feel very much clearer in what I do and don’t want from my work life, and am much more peaceful within myself.

Kate, content strategist

Kelly is a tremendous coach. She is clear about her role and yours, she is a great listener, and she keeps you accountable. With her support I identified tangible, realistic goals and moved towards them. More importantly though, I understand myself better, both personally and in a professional sense. I would thoroughly recommend working with her.

Jonny Buck

Through coaching, Kelly has helped me to change my mindset, grow more confident, know my strengths and live in the moment more. She has a unique way of helping you to see what’s holding you back, whilst building the confidence to move forwards. Her skills as a coach along with her constant enthusiasm and encouragement have been pivotal in, some surprising, many significant and all positive changes in my life.

Antigoni, Medical Writer

Coaching started with my values, strengths and uniqueness, which helped me to better understand myself and I’ve learned to trust myself and my analysis of situations more. I can now recognise when I’m operating from a defensive position and practice flipping my mindset to see the growth and opportunity in situations. I’ve felt very understood by Kelly. An increased awareness of relationship dynamics means I’m now more conscious of how I perceive others and how I’m perceived, and how I can use that understanding to bring about and support change. The confidence I’ve developed has had huge benefits beyond work – in my personal relationships, living situation, and even in how I appraise my running and swimming performance. Kelly has helped me find and utilise my voice.”

Rebecca, Change and Project Leader

Coaching with Kelly helped me back onstage after a serious voice operation and almost 20 years of a confidence crushing vocal health problem. Understanding and strategising my values and beliefs was both enlightening and essential in helping me to move forwards in a positive and confident way. The ricochet effect on the rest of my life, has been massive. Kelly has helped me to see things differently and to break a negative feedback loop that was both holding me back and creating emotional and physical tension, neither of which are helpful as a professional singer. Her solid and transferable strategies have helped me to become a better voice teacher to my students too and I cannot thank nor recommend Kelly highly enough. I now (confidently) sing her praises to all that will listen!

Kate, Professional Singer and Jazz Musician

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