What are you super powers?

Strengths and Superpowers

Start this exercise by taking three really deep breaths.  Now get a pen and paper. Perhaps a cup of tea. Sit back, and complete these sentences… The qualities that I admire in myself are… I am really good at… People come to me for support when they need… If people I know were asked to … Read More

Yes you can

Inferiority complex?

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” E. Roosevelt Love this from Eleanor Roosevelt. There are all kinds of reasons why people might consider others inferior.  Class, gender, looks, race, nationality, religion, accent, sexuality, relationship status, neurotype, name, outfit, wealth, education, job title, organisation. To name but a few. I’m hoping that … Read More

lakes and mountains

Creating your personal vision

There are many, often competing, things that shape our view of what success looks like. Sometimes we need to check back in on ourselves and make sure that the things we’re chasing are really our dreams, and not someone else’s. To make sure that we’re living true to our values, and not leaning into we’re … Read More